SMS bundles are a scam from mobile companies

Sending text messages are convenient and cheaper especially if you have an SMS bundle. Some people actually prefer it to calls. Basically, calls and text messages is data, yes the same data you open Facebook with.

In Cameroon, the average price of an SMS 30frs CFA that about 0.05 USD and 1Gb of data is about 1000frs CFA, 1.80 USD at the time of writing this post.

Lets do some math:

Now 1 SMS carries 160 characters max which its data equivalent is 160 bytes of data. 1Gb will carry 6.25 million text messages. multiply this by the cost cell phone companies charge per SMS we have 6250000 x 30= 187500000 frs one hundred and eighty-seven million five hundred thousand, 337451.25 USD. That’s just ridiculous! that is by how much you will be duped if you send up to a gigabyte worth of SMSes.

It means just with a few Gb of SMS data sent, the phone companies can recover their investment and from thence is pure profit.

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