Google Chrome gets a hidden redesign – Here is how to activate it

Google Chrome gets a hidden redesign – Here is how to activate it

Google is on a mission to overhaul all of its platforms with its new material design philosophy including YouTube, AdSense and now Chrome amongst many others. This new design for Chrome is still undergoing testing and is tugged away deep in the settings but desktop and iPhone users could access these new designs early with these tips and tricks we have put together.

Ironically these design changes are not yet available on Android as of now. Just like the new dark mode which came to iOS before Google’s own Android. Whats up Google!

On iPhone, Chrome has now moved the tab button to the bottom of the screen in addition to the forward and back buttons on the iOS app. A search feature sits in the middle of the two for quick Google queries. The top of the screen stays mostly clear when browsing and is only disrupted to bring down the URL bar. Tabs themselves have also been dramatically overhauled and will display web pages in little squares rather than sorting them in a filing cabinet-like row.

Google Chrome gets a hidden redesign - Here is how to activate it<br/><br/>

Here is how activate the new design

Firstly, you should open the open the Chrome app on your iPhone.

• Then, in the search bar at the top of the screen, type


• You’ll see a long list of settings.

From a glance you can see two tabs. Available and unavailable features. If you like to snoop around you could activate other cool features
• Scroll down to the option “UI Refresh Phase 1” and select Enabled from the drop-down menu.
• Then restart the app and it will look drastically different.

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Desktops will not see as drastic a change but Chrome will still look more circular and white than before.

The rounded tabs present on the iOS app have not yet arrived for PC and Mac owners but are understood to be coming later on.

Desktop users should head to


and similarly change options from default to refresh in the “UI Layout for the browser’s top chrome” area.

Restarting the browser will once again be required for the change to appear. You could chose the other design options like the “Touchable” option which I am particularly fun of maybe because it shows a more drastic design change.