YouTube's new dark mode finally arrives on Android

YouTube’s new dark mode finally arrives on Android

YOUTUBE has finally started rolling out one of the most requested features for its android client, “dark mode”. Android is finally receiving the dark mode theme following a successful roll out on iOS devices (which rolled out over four months ago) and desktops. This rollout delivers on youtube’s announcement made back in March after the dark mode theme was deployed on desktop with much success and positive user feedback, that iPhone and Android users would be receiving the new dark mode on its clients.
The new functionality started rolling out for Android users today

Sames as Desktop users and IOS users, users are able to access the feature by clicking their profile or settings tabs to access the dark mode toggle, Android owners can access this great new YouTube feature similarly by switching the dark mode toggle within the app’s settings menu.

YouTube's new dark mode finally arrives on AndroidHowever, the roll out for the new feature is not universal, meaning not all devices can currently take advantage of it. In typical Google fashion, the rollout happens in waves and in certain countries first. If the feature is available, you will be notified about it when you open the YouTube app.

The new theme radically changes the look of the world’s most popular video search engine. It is also far easier on the eyes when watching videos at night.