How to Connect an External Hard Drive to a Low Power Device

I recently got an external hard drive to complement my 32Gb Windows laptop. Sadly the laptop could not supply enough power to run the drive so I developed a hack for it. Theoretically, you could do this with any other device like an Android or phone that cannot do OTG. Usually, its because the phone (or any other device which cannot do OTG) cannot supply enough power to run the OTG device. There is a simple hack for this that COULD work.
Disclaimer: Do this at your own risk
Step 1. Find a working USB cable that you don’t use (you will destroy or cut it)
Step 2. Cut the cable with more length on the USB-A head
Step 3. Select the two power cables (mostly black and red cables) and remove some insulation for connecting to another cable
Step 4. On the OTG cable, peel off the housing insulating rubber somewhere in the middle. Don’t cut it
Step 5. Also, select the power cables on the OTG cable and peel of a piece of insulation for connecting.
Step 6. Connect the respective power cables of the USB cable in step 3. Connect black to black and red to red.
Step 7. Insulate separately with scotch or tape making sure the naked cables don’t touch
Try to simultaneously connect the OTG device and the USB cable to a power source. (a laptop should be safe) you can use a fast charger brick for a more power-hungry device like a hard disk drive. It should work I am currently using the setup with a low power windows laptop which cannot power a hard drive on its own.
Bonus. There are some usb cables with two female heads and one male head which is more preferable to get
Please share or drop a comment if for any concern