Microsoft Deep Sea Cloud Storage Project Natick Deploys Undersea Cameras

Microsoft Deep Sea Cloud Storage Project Natick Ueploys Undersea Cameras

In June, Microsoft launched a huge deep sea data and cloud center project called project Natick. Its an underwater data center that stores that can hold 27.6 petabytes of cloud data and artificial intelligence. The project just got a small fun update which entailed the installation of two video cameras to monitor environment near the data center. You can watch a life feed video of the camera here for free.

The Natick data center nodule was deployed in the North Sea, off the coast of Orkney in Scotland in an attempt to determine whether the company can save energy by cooling it in the sea itself, taking advantage of renewable energy from onshore wind and solar power, and offshore tides.

According to Microsoft, the undersea data center houses 864 servers holding 27.6 petabytes of storage, and can operate for up to five years without maintenance.

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The Orkney data facility represents Phase 2 of Project Natick, Microsoft’s endeavor to create an undersea data center module that can be deployed quickly. Currently, Microsoft can manufacture and deliver a similar module within 90 days, from order to deployment. Project Natick aims to offer Microsoft customers an option for an energy-efficient, rapidly-provisioned, lower-cost solution to meet data center facility requirements.