Palm’s first phone in years has leaked

Palm’s first phone in years has leaked

Palm was a visionary company when it came to multitasking on a mobile device. They introduced the Cards UI multitasking on which BlackBerry Playbook multitasking based on swipe gestures was founded on which now used by Android and iOS. But you probably don’t know that because they have been of the smartphone scene for more than a decade.
TCL in their brand reclamation missions have taken the challenge with the Palm brand as a new Palm-branded phone made by TCL has leaked.

Its not a phone made to rival the Galaxy note 9 or other phone of that class. It could just be a brand awareness strategy from Palm just like what Nokia did with the Banana phone.

According to a source speaking to Android Police, the phone – which is apparently codenamed ‘Pepito’ – has just a 3.3-inch LCD screen, potentially making it a godsend for anyone who hates the trend of ever larger phone screens.

It apparently has a 720p resolution, which at that size could make the display pretty sharp, powered by a tiny 800mAh battery.

The other specs are pretty respectable for such a small device. Apparently it sports 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, single-lens rear camera, a curvy shape and a metallic frame, but unlike earlier Palm phones there’s no hardware keyboard. Apparently it will come in titanium and gold shades, and run Android 8.1, but doesn’t have a headphone jack.
Nothing we have not got information about is how much the Pepito will cost or when it will launch, but it sounds like it might not be widely available, but might be available on Verizon in the US.