Google Will Miss Out on $50 Million With Fortnite Skipping Google Play

Google Will Miss Out on $50 Million With Fortnite Skipping Google Play

Last week the creators of Fortnite battle Royale Epic Games announced that they will not use google play store to distribute the Android client of their game and instead offer the game exclusively through its website, stating that

On open platforms like PC, Mac, and Android, Epic’s goal is to bring its games directly to customers. We believe gamers will benefit from competition among software sources on Android. Competition among services gives consumers lots of great choices and enables the best to succeed based on merit.

A report from SensorTower illustrates that this decision will cause Google miss out on $50 million or more in revenues from fees alone. Fortnite for iOS launched back in March and has made more than $180 million so far, according to the data company. Apple gets 30 percent of in-app purchases, which means the company has made around $54 million off the game.

SensorTower speculates Fortnite’s Android revenue performance to be similar, which is how the company arrived at the $50 million-plus figure. There are some concerns that the unconventional method by which Android users have to get the game may hurt downloads and in turn revenue, but SensorTower says that won’t be “to a large enough degree as to affect its revenue potential in the long run.”

Fortnite is able to get away with this decision because of the open nature of the Android platform where users can sideload apps into their phone from unknown sources unlike the iOS platform where the App Store for iOS is a more closed ecosystem, so Epic was not able to circumvent it in the way that it has been able to with Android.

The Android client of the game was launched with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 at the Galaxy Unpacked event in L.A. last week. It is already available and will be exclusive to samsung smartphone users from the S7 and up

You can go to Epic’s website and download the game for Android. However, if you’re hoping to play the game on Android, you’ll need to have a newer handset, as Epic says the game requires a “recent high-end Android smartphone.”