Classic Counter-Strike Gun MP5 returns

Classic Counter-Strike Gun MP5 returns

Players of the game Counter-Strike have been missing a favorite classic weapon in the game the MP5 which got cut from the game. The gun was last seen in Counter-Strike: Source where it was featured in the SMG arsenal alongside the MAC-10, TMP, UMP, and P90.

Other than Valve hinting on Twitter earlier today that the MP5 silenced submachine gun is being implemented into CS:GO for the first time, The developer further confirmed the return of the beloved SMG in a reply to caster Mohan “launders” Govindasamy. “Is it real???” Launders asked. Valve replied with a picture of caster James Bardolph shooting the gun in person, saying “Ask Bardolph.” Then Valve released a game update with the MP5-SD minutes after.

The iconic SMG finally made its appearance today, with an official patch rolling out to all users. The MP5-SD takes the place of the MP7 in your loadout. It’s not available in competitive matchmaking yet – although you can run around with it in deathmatch and casual play – expect to see a lot of it in the coming weeks.

The MP5 has been a popular gun amongst gamers for good reason: it’s versatile, typically has little to no recoil, and doesn’t hamper movement too much. The MP5-SD is super silent, and as you’d expect the first six or seven bullets basically require no recoil management at all.


So far the community response to the MP5 release is overwhelmingly positive, mainly due to the nostalgia of the MP5 in past games like Counter-Strike 1.6 and Counter-Strike: Source