Google Releases New Gmail Feature to Send ‘Confidential’ Emails

Google Releases New Gmail Feature to Send ‘Confidential’ Emails

Google has released new Gmail features, called confidential mode which is created to help users send and receive confidential emails.
This new feature deprives users the options of copying forwarding downloading or printing messages. This also means it allows users to send and receive ‘confidential’ emails. Google stated it introduced the new Gmail feature to help people feel more secure when sending sensitive information. In the Gmail confidential mode, users can now set a self-destruct timer for a defined period on all outgoing emails which can’t be altered when set, that way you can easily stay in control of your information. The sender of a confidential email can also require recipients to enter a passcode (sent via SMS or email) to open the message.

This Gmail feature was only present on desktops but the feature has since then been brought to mobile, making its way to both Android and iOS Gmail apps

To activate this feature, you must have the latest version of the Gmail app. You can activate this feature following the steps.

In the Gmail app, press the button on the top right-hand corner shaped like a stack of bullet points.

Then press the confidential mode button.

The app will then present a list of options related to the new feature.

Users can now set expiration dates for emails and also choose whether a password is required.

The app currently shows confidential options for the sender and receiver but those are not the only parties involved. These emails pass through Google servers and Google has not yet stated the measures it is taking to ensure these emails remain confidential.