iPad explodes at Apple’s Amsterdam store, customers evacuated

iPad explodes at Apple’s Amsterdam store, customers evacuated

Apple has had a somewhat clean record in the area of exploding devices unlike Samsung and the Note 7 Drama but they have been caught up in a few unfortunate circumstances lately. After the Apple Systems Hacking, there seems to be an exploding battery issue.

An iPad exploded at the Apple Store in Amsterdam on Sunday as a result of an overheated or leaky battery, as reported by Dutch outlet AT5. No one was injured, although three people at the store were treated for respiratory problems after the event.

It is not clear if the ipad burst into the flames or was a suttle incident. The Apple staff at the store quickly placed the device in a container filled with sand. The iPad is said to have continued to emit vapors of some irritating substance, which affected three people.

Drie mensen onwel door geëxplodeerde iPad in Apple Store https://t.co/Jn3EkAtE6Y pic.twitter.com/35L7FE1Yi6

— AT5 (@AT5) August 19, 2018

The city’s fire brigade subsequently arrived on the scene, and the Leidseplein store was evacuated. Business resumed by 3PM, and customers were allowed back in.
This is not the first time an apple device has exploded. Back in January, an iPhone battery overheated and caused the handset to explode at a showroom in Zurich – causing minor burns to a repair worker.