More Details on BioWare’s Anthem Gameplay, Options, and More

More Details on BioWare’s Anthem Gameplay, Options, and More

The Executive Producer of BioWare, Mark Darrah has provided some new information on Anthem’s gameplay on twitter about the options available to players and more.

Darrah has mentioned that the game will include AFK (away from keyboard) detection and will include its own achievement system, but we don’t yet know exactly what that will entail.

There won’t be any underwater combat, but the game will still have underwater creatures for the purpose of decoration.

Speaking of combat, players will be able to use hip shooting.

Customization wise, there will be both patterns and textures that players be able to use to personalize their Javelin.

While we already knew that there are both checkpoints players can respawn at, and the ability to revive fallen companions, respawn is disabled in boss arenas. When you’re there, you need to be revived by another player.

Incidentally, missions won’t have a time limit, so you can take them slowly and carefully if you so wish.
The game will launch on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on February 22nd, 2019 with pre-orders already going on.