Ethereum Scam App Appears on Google Play Store.

Ethereum Scam App Appears on Google Play Store.

Downloading an app from the Google Play store is not a guarantee that it is legit. Another Ethereum (ETH) scam application was hosted on the play store, The Next Web reports August 21.

The fraudulent “Ethereum” application on Google Play was found by Lukas Stefanko, a malware researcher from Slovakia. The app was offered for purchase at a price of €335 or around $388.
In an August 20 tweet, the researcher noted that buying the app is “not the same” as an Ethereum purchase, implying that his recent discovery is a crypto scam intended to defraud users by mimicking the original altcoin Ethereum, selling one Ether for €335. The price of one Ether is around €247, or about $285, as of the time of writing.

Stefanko’s tweet shows that the scam application, which was described through Google Translate as “just a Ethereum,” was developed by so-called “Google Commerce Ltd,” and has managed to amass over 100 installs since the last update in August 2017 by the time of the report.

scammers made off with tens of thousands of US dollars from investors, mainly in Bitcoin and Ether, by using the “famous person giving away Bitcoins and Ethers” scam on Twitter.

On July 27, Google had banned crypto mining apps on its Play Store, only allowing remote mining applications. According to The Next Web, despite the recent ban, multiple illicit apps like JSEcoin are still appearing on the store, noting that Google developers have 30 days from the date of policy changes to comply.
Earlier in April, the tech giant had also announced the ban of all mining extensions from its Chrome Web Store, as well as all browser extensions to mine cryptocurrency. And in March, Google followed Facebook’s move by announcing a ban on all crypto-related ads of all kinds, a step that reportedly subsequently affected the crypto markets.

The app in question seems to have already been taken down an is no longer available on the app store.