Download Leaked Pixel 3 XL Stock Wallpaper HD

Download Leaked Pixel 3 XL Stock Wallpaper HD

Just like the iPhone Xs, the S9/S9+ and the note 9, we were able to get the leaked stock wallpapers of the pixel 3. we are fast becoming a hub for leaked wallpapers. check them out here.

The latest in the line is the yet to be announced Pixel 3 wallpapers. the download buttons are at the bottom of this post. be sure to reach there and click download


In 2016 Google released the first Pixel Phone followed by its predecessor in 2017 and now we are expecting Google to launch the pixel 3 which has been announced for October. The previous pixels are amongst the top best phones of their year especially so because of the stock Android experience it offers which many seem to like.

The massive leaks which have gone out for the pixel 3 make the pixel 3 launch almost pointless as we have seen everything there is on the pixel 3. But this holds true if the leaks are true. Actually, I found the leaks a little bit overwhelming which makes its authenticity doubtful.

Apparently, After a shipment of pre-production phones was stolen and went on to be sold onto the black market which has seen the devices popping up everywhere. There is even an unboxing video of the Google pixel 3 on YouTube.

Rumored specs

Since the Pixel  Xl hasn’t yet officially been announced, most of what we know about it is through leaks and rumors. The Pixel 3 XL, as one would expect, is rumored to ship with the Snapdragon 845 Soc which is the best from Qualcomm as of now. It’ll feature a QuadHD+ display meaning a display with a resolution of 2,960×1,440 pixels. It is also rumored to support wireless charging which has been missing from previous Google Pixel devices, and it’s not hard to see why. Apple did it with the last iPhone finally. The device is also expected to feature 4GB of RAM which is a little low for 2018. Considering the device is straight from Google and should be pretty well optimized 4GB of RAM should be more than enough though.

The Pixel phones are Google’s flagship devices meant to show off the latest version of Android, which this year is Android Pie. Expect it to be finely tuned to take advantage of Pie’s new features, such as its gesture controls.

An AIDA64 screenshot also appears to confirm that Active Edge functionality will also be included in the model, meaning you’ll be able to squeeze its sides to activate Google Assistant if saying ‘OK, Google’ is getting too tiring.

Wireless charging is also expected to appear in this year’s Pixel for the first time. A leaked video has shown off a Pixel 3 XL being put on a wireless charging pad and getting charged up in the process.

However, it’s currently unclear whether wireless charging is expected to come to both XL and non-XL models. We’ll probably have to wait until October to find out for sure.

On the audio side of the equation, the Pixel 3 will apparently come with a set of wired Pixel Buds. We first saw the Pixel Buds released as a pair of wireless headphones alongside the Pixel 2 last year, where Google heavily emphasized their translation capabilities.

In contrast, this year’s earphones look like a much more traditional wired affair. It’s unclear whether the translation functionality will also be present, or if Google has just adopted the existing design. Either way, it’s nice to actually get a pair of USB-C headphones in the box.

Credit: The wallpaper has been designed by @PhoneDesigner who recently shared the renders images of the Pixel XL.

Download Leaked Pixel 3 XL Stock Wallpaper 


Pixel 3 leaked stock wallpaper