All You Need to Know About the Apple iPhone XR

All You Need to Know About the Apple iPhone XR

Apple crowned their launching event by unveiling the iPhone XR. It’s a colorful and cheap version of the previously unveiled iPhone Xs and the XS max. 9to5mac says the new phone serves as the cheapest 2018 iPhone available at a starting price of $749.

The iPhone XR: Design and Display

iPhone XR design

The design of the iPhone XR inspired by the iPhone X looks almost identical to the Xs except for the fact that it uses an LCD display with a slightly bigger bezel that the more premium releases.
The notch also holds the same Face ID systems in the iPhone xs and xs max for unlocking the phone like the infrared camera, flood illuminator, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor the front camera and the Dot projector. The color scheme is one of the most exciting features of the XR. It comes in 6 colors, white, black, blur, choral, yellow, red.
The XR has a 6.1inch LCD display with pixel masking, what Apple calls “Liquid Retina Display”. It has 326ppi holding up to 1.4 million pixels. It’s also a 120Hz screen with true tone and a pretty prominent bezel. Unfortunately, Apple removed 3D touch to keep the price down.

The Verge’s Nilay Patel “It’s very nice — as nice as any previous iPhone LCD, which have always led the industry. Looking closely at the notch and the rounded corners, you can see the anti-aliasing tricks Apple had to do to make the technology work, but it all looks great in person. There’s a pretty prominent bezel all the way around. Other edge-to-edge LCD phones have a “chin,” but the larger bezel evens all that out. It’s clever, and it preserves the look of a full-screen phone.”

The iPhone XR is IP 67 water and dust resistant.

The iPhone XR: Camera

iphone xr camera

Another tradeoff Apple did to keep down the price of the iPhone XR is in the camera division. It’s not to say the camera is bad. The photos apple presented at the event were pretty amazing.

It’s a single 12MP wide-angle camera, the same on the XS and Xs max. apple was able to create software optimization to create bokeh effects on photos taken with this camera just like Googles pixel 2, enabling you to blur backgrounds and allowing you to change the lighting or add effects to the subject with a few simple swipes. It has optical image stabilization, with an F1.8 aperture.

You can also change the depth effect of the bokeh from within the app. The power of the A12 bionic is also used here. It upgrades the phone’s capability to understand and improve photos. It can now dynamically work out scenes and enhance overall photo quality algorithmically.

On the front is 7MP camera with an f2.2 aperture which works together with the IR camera and the dot projector to create beautiful precise bokeh effect on photos

The iPhone XR: The new A12 Bionic chipset.

A12 bionic chip

Apple did not compromise with the performance of the iPhone XR, giving it the same A12 bionic chip used in the XS. It means the XR will have the same smooth performance. The A12 bionic is the latest of Apple’s processor. This iteration of the chip comes with increased speeds. Apple was proud to announce that it’s the “industry’s first 7nm chip”. It is packed with 6.9 billion transistors. The main parts of the chip is a 6 core 64-bit processor which is 15% faster and 40% more efficient, a 4 core GPU 50% faster than the A11 chip. A second generation 8 core neural engine for processing real-time machine learning. It can process 5 trillion operations per second apple says.
It makes the devices faster with a pleasant scrolling experience. This A12 Bionic chipset drastically improves the speed, camera performance and also enhances the display.

The iPhone XR: Price and release date

The iPhone XR will be available to pre-order in most countries around the world from September October 19 and will start to ship a week later, October 26.
The 64GB version of the XR will cost $749, there will also be a 128GB and a 256GB iPhone XR
We think this will be the most selling model for the new iPhones