Windows 10 app mirroring brings your Android apps to your desktop

Microsoft has not given up after the Microsoft Windows mobile platform fail. It is making a comeback not with devices but with services. It has been working on new ways to make the Android smartphone user connect with the Windows 10 platform.

Microsoft today at the Microsoft Surface event in New York City revealed a new service called Windows 10 app mirroring.

The app mirroring service which Microsoft announced via The Verge allows you to mirror your entire Android phone on your Windows 10 computer bring Android apps functionality to windows.

The feature will be available in the Windows 10 October update.

Using app mirroring, you can “cast” your entire phone display to your Windows 10 laptop or desktop. Using your mouse, keyboard, or touch display, you can then manipulate your Android device right from your computer which entails launching apps, texting, playing games, and more.

Window 10 app mirroring
The Verge: Microsoft presenting Windows 10 app mirroring at its Surface event in New York City.

Microsoft didn’t give a full demonstration of how the new app mirroring service works, but it did show a person mirroring Snapchat on a Surface device:

This technology isn’t new. In fact, it may have been inspired by Samsung Dex, Samsung’s solution for using a galaxy smartphone like the Note 9 as a desktop computer driving a very similar desktop experience but the idea of the feature getting baked right into Windows is certainly nice.


We will certainly review this feature once the Windows 10 October update arrives.