Newest MacBook Pro will be Bricked If Not Repaired by Apple

Apple products are known for beeing notoriously difficult to repair. All repairs on any Apple product is to be taken to Apple itself or an Apple Authorized Service Provider.
Well Apple has made it much more difficult for consumers to repair. Apple products without the Apple authorised parties.

New reports from MacRumors suggest that Apple’s 2018 MacBook Pro, as well as the iMac Pro, can be bricked if the repairs are not performed by Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider.

MacRumors was able to lay hands on the documents distributed to Authorized Service Providers detailing the need to use diagnostic software, known as the AST 2 System Configuration suite, after repairs on any product with Apple’s T2 custom chip. Failure to run the software suite will result in the repaired unit ceasing to function.

Repairs requiring this software are repairs which has to do with the motherboard particularly any that might involve aftermarket upgrades.

You can still replace some outer elements of the devices, like the bottom case on the MacBook Pro or the back panel on the iMac Pro without the need for running the software, but the majority.

For the 2018 MacBook Pro, replacing or repairing the display assembly, logic board, Touch ID board, or the top of the case that includes the keyboard and touchpad, reportedly requires running the software suite. As both the RAM and SSD (the two components typically upgraded after purchase) are soldered to the logic board, this would further complicate already difficult post-purchase upgrades.

For the iMac Pro, replacing the logic board or flash storage will, again, apparently require running the diagnostic software. Replacing the RAM or storage on the iMac Pro also requires removing the logic board from the device, thus, again, making an already complex upgrade more complicated.
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