Google is Expected to Launch a Chrome OS Tablet at Google’s Pixel Event

Unlike the Pixel phone that has been leaked every where, Google has been able to keep the a certain product it has been developing under wraps at least untill now.

Though Long-rumored to be Google’s first Chrome OS-powered tablet, leaks of the device has only just surfaced online two days to the pixel event where it is expected to be unveiled.

At first look we can see that Google’ Slate’s Chrome OS interface is quite distinctive from the Acer Chromebook tablet also powered by Chrome OS. The leaked images, first published by MySmartPrice, show off a thin chassis with a display that likely uses a 3:2 aspect ratio, a matching stylus pen, both front and rear cameras, a single USB-C port, and stereo speakers.

Also pictured is a detachable keyboard that uses a four-pin connection to the tablet. The accessory has round keys, a touchpad, and a dedicated key for Google Assistant. The tablet itself seems to be lacking a standard headphone jack, and it’s suggested that the power button features a built-in fingerprint sensor.

What’s still a mystery, however, are the Pixel Slate’s specs and internal details, although it’s a safe bet we can expect a tablet that’s comparable to the Microsoft Surface and Apple iPad devices. There’s no word on pricing just yet, but that will come during Google’s October 9th event, with a release expected shortly after.

SOURCE MySmartPrice