Sex robots ‘will colonize Mars’ says love-bot tester

Sex-bots will help humans colonize Mars, according to a love-doll enthusiast who helps “test drive” randy robots.

Brick Dollbanger told The Sun that we’ll soon be relying on droids for space travel – and said we’ll eventually become bots ourselves.

A divorced property developer in his 60s, YouTuber, love-doll collector and sex-bot consultant Brick (not his real name) has been buying sex dolls for over a decade, and regularly advises California sex robot firm Realbotix on their upcoming Harmony love droid.

And he’s convinced they’re going to help advance the human race: “I think we have to remember [sex robots] are here to help us expand our knowledge, our experience, and that’s what they have to direct this technology to do.”

Speaking to The Sun, Brick explained how sex-bots are driving robotics innovation – and advanced versions in the future will help us set up shop on Mars.

“I believe robots will colonize Mars. They’re gonna build the colony, we’re gonna come along later,” he explained.

“They’re going to do the real work – they can travel in space,” he added.

Brick has spent time testing Realbotix’s Harmony this year, and previously described how he was stunned by the robot’s realism.

And he’s convinced that eventually, they’ll do much more than bonking bot buyers.

“In this country, we’ve got 100,000 people turning 65 right now. In 20 years, we’re gonna have a population full of elderly people and not enough helpers,” sex-bot vlogger Brick told The Sun.

“And I believe that this technology is going to take over there.

“At some point in the next 20 to 50 years, we will have robotic companions to help physically, mentally and emotionally.”

Brick, who has spent around $200,000 (£150,000) on sex dolls and bots, added: “Think about having a companion that is always honest with you. Someone that could psychoanalyze you without any of the emotions that would put into that psychoanalysis.”

But there have been countless warnings about sex robots from experts.

We’ve already heard about the risk of sex robot addiction, “rapist” male sex robots, and British women being entirely replaced by robots for sex.

Brick thinks most of these warnings are overblown – but he is concerned about the possibility of robots going rogue, and turning on humankind.

“The robots are gonna be tied into the internet. I do worry about a central control over robots,” he said.

“That’s my worry – about a bad line of code getting into not one robot, but 100,000 robots.”

He told us that he’s “against any kind of sentience in a robot,” because they’d be too powerful for us to control.

“For a robot to become completely mobile, it has to be able to support its entire weight on one limb.

“Think about if a robot had a bad line of code that told it needed to twist your head off. It would come at you, and it doesn’t get tired, doesn’t get weaker – it goes until the battery runs out.

“We have to make sure there are many layers of security and safety.”

He went on: “I can’t imagine for a moment letting us develop a robot that mimics sentience that we allow to make its own decisions.

“Why would we want to create something like this that we’re going to have to compete with? Smarter, stronger, faster – and that can literally live forever.

“We have to make sure we never let this tech get out from under our control.

“It has to be under our direction and we can never let it make decisions on its own.”

One particularly weird scenario suggested by Brick is the idea that we’ll eventually become robots ourselves.

Brick said that synthetic robots will eventually be so realist we won’t be able to tell them from real people.

And in “100 to 200 years, we could actually merge with a robot”, the sex-bot expert explained.

“With medicine, we’re all trying to live longer, live better, be stronger, have more invigorating lives.

“I think that’s just the normal progression.

“If we’re going to make these robots into likenesses of ourselves, I believe we’ll merge with them eventually.”

This story originally appeared in The Sun.