Samsung is Working on A Foldable Smartphone, The Samsung Galaxy F

Apple made a statement with the iPhone X last year which celebrated the companies 10th anniversary with a new radical design and quite impressive technology. Samsung is looking to do something similar for its 10th anniversary coming up soon.
Considering the leaks of the upcoming Samsung galaxy S10, one would say Samsung is on track with a notably special device. Samsung just showed us it had something greater planned.

Speaking at the launch of its midrange Galaxy A9 smartphone, Samsung Mobile Division CEO DJ Koh hyped up the future of its folding Galaxy F proclaiming it will be two devices wrapped into one. (via SamMobile).

Koh said the Galaxy F is both a phone and tablet. When folded it will be a compact 4.6-inch phone, but unfold the phone and its bendable OLED display extend to 7.3-inches – larger than some of the company’s Galaxy Tab tablet range.

Stressing that the Galaxy F is not a gimmick, Koh said owners will have a tablet with powerful multitasking abilities which folds into one of the most pocketable phones on the market.

He also stressed that the Galaxy F will be released globally, but he declined to give an idea of scale, only teasing: “Possibly when we start selling the foldable phone, it may be a niche market, but definitely, it will expand.”

Though we feared Samsung ambitious project was not going to be realized, considering the many delays, comments do suggest we should remain positive about the future of the world’s most ambitious smartphone.