The Lord of the Rings Online is getting its own classic edition inthe form of legendary servers

Lord of the rings is cashing in on nostalgia. Its Online team working on a classic rendition of LOTRO. Dubbed “legendary servers,” these shards will allow players to start the game all over again and begin the journey of the Fellowship anew with equal footing. Initially, legendary servers will cap at level 50 (it’s currently 120 on normal servers): a number that will slowly rise over time

Interestingly this build will include new classes like the Beornings, as well as all of the modern conveniences, from gameplay mechanics to the technical side. It is rather restricted though, as only VIP (subscribers for this free-to-play game) and lifetime VIP players can access legendary play.

Publisher Daybreak notes that transfers are currently not open for the upcoming legendary servers and that both versions of the game (legendary and modern, which yes, continues to be patched) will continue to be updated side by side.