Check out Google's Halloween Doodle – Its First Multiplayer Game

Today is Halloween and Google is celebrating with an awesome doodle. The Google Halloween Doodle this year clicks to a game. Its an upgrade this year because the game is a multiplayer game.

The game is a combination of game Pac-Man and old-school favourite Snake.

The game is Googles first-ever multiplayer interactive Google doodle game and is powered by Google Cloud!

Players use the arrow keys on their keyboard to move a floating ghost around a haunted map collecting flames. Players are rewarded with special powers such as speed boosts and night vision as they gather more flames.

Players can invite friends to join the game by sharing a link and can host up to eight players. The invited players join Team Green or Team Purple. The team collecting the most flames by the end of the game are the winners.

The game has been popular, with some people saying on Twitter saying it’s “wildly addictive”