Amazon’s Alexa assistant is now available Windows 10: Here is how toget it

Microsoft’s partnership with Amazon is bearing more fruit. Following the few Alexa built-in Windows 10 PCs from Acer, Asus, Dell, HP and Lenovo we saw a few months ago, Amazon just launched a Windows 10 app for Alexa. Most of the audio functionality we love in Amazon Echo speakers will be available in the Windows 10 app. It can read an Audible book, can tell users the weather, create lists, answer questions and more.

PC users will also get the benefit of visual responses from Alexa, effectively turning the Windows 10 PC into a smart display of sorts.

There are a few shortcomings to the app right now. There’s no support for Spotify, Pandora, voice calling and video. Amazon says more PC-specific capabilities will be added early next year but didn’t offer any specifics.

All PCs with Intel-based x64 and x86 hardware, running the April 2018 Windows 18 update, will be able to run the app natively. ARM-based devices will need to run it through an emulator.

The Alexa built-in Windows 10 PCs will support the Alexa wake word, but most everyone else will need to use a button within the app, or create a keyboard shortcut to summon the assistant. Alexa will (sort of) play nice with Microsoft’s own Cortana assistant, Alexa is also available on the Xbox One.

You can just follow this web link to download it for your PC. be sure to tell us if you like it