CES 2019: Highlights so far at CES.

CES 2019. the biggest tech show held in Las Vegas as it usually does. bring a huge variety of tech products and tech companies in one place. it the perfect place for tech companies to show off their new products. we will look at some of the highlights of CES 2019 so far


Ice Lake

Intel launched their new 9th generation ICE LAKE processors ranging from the Core i3 to the core i9. these processors will also be available for their mobile H-series line in Q2 of 2019. the new ice lake is reportedly 1.5x faster than the core i7 8 gen coffee lake processor. also, the ice lake processors are now 10 nm chip as opposed to the 14nm 8 gen processors. they also showed off Ice lake for servers. they ran ZIVA dynamics AI software for realistic character animation.


Intel showed off Lakefield.an SoC with a new approach of integrating different CPU architectures into a single product.  This CPU has 5 cores: a 10 nm high-performance sunny cove architecture core and 4 atom based cores. it also packs graphics capability, IO and memory all in one SoC. it also adds Thunderbolt 3, Wi-Fi 6, and something called DL Boost, or deep learning boost

the full CPU is about 12 mm square. this is due to the fact they that they can now stack elements of the CPU on top of each other in a 3d approach as supposed to the 2d stacking before. they call this approach of packing Foveros which means smaller chips, smaller boards longer battery life And more

Cascade Lake

they also showed Cascade Lake. a next-gen Zeon processor which began shipping late 2018. intel partnered with Alibaba which they both partnered with the Olympics. They will deliver the first-ever AI-powered athlete performance tracking during the 2020 Olympic games. this tech will provide fans with more insights into the athlete’s performance.

They take data from regular cameras and apply AI to it to get an accurate digital model of the athlete’s performance. sort of like performance capture but without the suits and markers and stuff
Intel compared speeds of the AI doing this called WRNCHAI using GPU vs Cascade Lake optimised with DL boost. the GPU was able to process about 90 frames per second while Cascade Lake was able to process at about 450 frames per second. a 5x speed increased


They also shared new network SoC called Snowridge with 5G capability. it basically shares data from a host machine but with a twist. Snowridge is able differentiate between different applications and find that which is most latency sensitive and prioritise it to reduce latency, like live news or long distance communication.


LG came in strong in at CES 2019 and showed off the sleekest TV ever. They showcased a rollable OLED TV. This 4k 65-inch tv rolls into the soundbar leaving you with a clean soundbar when the tv is not in use. the tv also has a mode called “Horizon Live View” where just a quarter of the screen rolls up and gives you the necessary information, like music playheads, weather, clocks and more.

They also showed off an 8K TV 88 inch OLED TV which is very thin, with slim bezels and a bright panel, excellent viewing angles.

They also showed a 75-inch 8k nanocell technology tv (LCD). all these TVs come with Dolby Atmos, AI and support Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. These TVs will be on sale later this year.


Qualcomm showcased the Snapdragon 855 SoC which it’s main selling feature is 5G connectivity which will bring 5G closer to smartphones as the year progresses. also, Ford will full adopt 5G ready C-V2X (cellular vehicle-to-everything) communications technology . from Qualcomm


Withing a smartwatch maker unveiled their Withings Move ECG watch. this smartwatch is capable of taking an ECG.though it not the first. those bragging rights belong to Apple. this will be a competitor to the most famous ECG capable watch the Apple Watch Series 4.


Nvidia on Sunday, January 6 held their press conference with the star of the show the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 GPU. the RTX 2060 will be priced at $350. Nvidia claimed the RTX 2060 can beat the Geforce GTX 1070 Ti. It features 6GB of GDDR6, 240 tensor cores with a factory overclocked Founders edition available January 15th.

words from Nvidia: “The RTX 2060 is 60 % faster on current titles than the prior-generation GTX 1060, NVIDIA’s most popular GPU, and beats the gameplay of the GeForce GTX 1070 Ti,” the statement says. “With Turing’s RT Cores and Tensor Cores, it can run Battlefield V with ray tracing at 60 frames per second.”


Samsung shows off a huge 219-inch MicroOLED TV at CES 2019 this tv is made of modular panels that Samsung puts together to make the 219 inch TV. The TV is made of multiple individual panels so you can build a display in a number of different shapes and sizes. There is also a 75-inch version of this display which is a more reasonable option for homes.

Samsung’s has shown off a Micro LED which is Samsungs take on an OLED-killer at CES 2019. The company unleashed 75-inch 4K and 219-inch 4K Micro LED TV models, claiming perfect black levels and unmatched brightness with no burn-in worries.

Micro LED is an emissive display, kind of like OLED, with individual red, green, and blue pixels. Unlike OLED, they’re not organic, so they don’t suffer from longevity problems or the possibility for burn-in.

This TV is mostly aimed at businesses, for people who have elaborate installations. Samsung has theatres opening in the US that uses these Displays instead of a projectors
Samsung TVs in 2019 will support Apple iTunes. which will be the first time that we iTunes outside the walled garden.

CES 2019 organizers revoke an Honoree award to female pleasure device company

The organizers of CES have revoked an Honoree award given to a female pleasure device startup and also the company’s ability to exhibit at the CES 2019 how. The award was revoked on the grounds of the device being “immoral, obscene, indecent, profane or not in keeping with CTA’s image will be disqualified.”

The sex toy company Lora DiCarlo’s first product, the Osé Robotic Massager, won the “honoree” designation in the robotics and drones category of the CES Innovation Awards, according to the company’s founder, Lora Haddock. The awards are supposed to be determined by an independent panel that ranks a series of products, with any product that gets a high enough score becoming an honoree.

But after ranking high enough and winning the designation, Lora DiCarlo was apparently told that its product didn’t comply with the rules. The show’s awards organizer, the Consumer Technology Association, allegedly cited rules saying products that are “immoral, obscene, indecent, profane or not in keeping with CTA’s image will be disqualified.” It then backtracked and said the product simply didn’t fit in the robotics and drones category.


at CES 2019, Hyundai showed off a new concept vehicle that could make it easier to reach victims of natural disasters: a ‘walking car’, which uses articulated legs to navigate off-road following floods, fires and earthquakes.