Galaxy F foldable phone renders look awesome

Samsung has accidentally teased what may be the Galaxy F– Samsung’s foldable phone.
The small mishap was enough to inspire some to make renders of what the Galaxy F, or Galaxy Fold, could look like.
The foldable prototype Samsung showed off last November was thick, clunky, and uninspiring. It was, however, only using a dummy case and Samsung promised the real deal will be thinner. Then again, Samsung does boast of a lot of things that don’t always reflect reality.
But a least based on that video, LetsGoDigital’s renders do show a much more refined foldable device. The bezels are incredibly thin, both for the foldable screen as well as the second, external one. that’s a far cry from what Samsung showed back then.
The form factor is also wider, making it look more like a normal rectangular tablet and less like a square. That does also mean that the phone, when folded, is also wider. That could be harder to hold with one hand but Samsung has designed its One UI, which will also be used here, for easier one-handed operations.
Of course, this all presumes that what Samsung showed in that video was exactly what the device will be. However, the company isn’t exactly the king of teasers so there’s also a chance that, since it was willing to reveal it, it isn’t the real thing.