The real reason Apple is making a bigger 16 inch MacBook Pro

Apple has amazing products lined for this year amongst which is a suspected new 16 inch MacBook Pro with a completely new design. Although a 2019 update to the MacBook Pro (as well as the Mac Pro) is expected, there’s no rumored release date at the moment. Seeing that the last update dropped in July 2018. We might need to wait a few months or even early next year for a clearer date.

However, going by Apple’s previous release dates – MacBook Pro 2017 debuted in June 2017 while the MacBook Pro 2018 model came out under the radar in July 2018 – a summer release for the MacBook Pro 2019 makes sense and is highly plausible.

The current MacBook design which debuted in 2016 looked very beautiful sleek. Its 2018 upgrade did benefit from a substantial internal upgrade, now rocking 8th-generation Coffee Lake processors and some of the fastest SSDs available – giving it unprecedented speed. Apple has also improved the display with True Tone tech, fixed problems with the Butterfly keyboard, or some of them at least, all while maintaining battery levels from the 2017 model. However, the current design has a huge problem when it comes to thermals incredibly which limited the MacBook pro’s performance right from the very beginning.


The new 9th generation Intel chips are very powerful performance wise, suck up a lot of power and also produces quite alot of heat.

Simply sticking these chips into the current MacBooks simply won’t do. The performance will suffer due to thermal throttling.

The MacBook pros targets professionals, mostly content creators and as we know creators always want the fastest hardware available to help and ease their workflow. For the past few years, Apple has not been able to deliver, doing just timid upgrades to hardware compared to what is already in the market as the new windows laptops announced recently. The MacBook pros currently don’t stand a chance. some creators have had to switch to windows laptops to take advantage of the better hardware they provide.

When Apple design the MacBook pro back in 2016 they thought Intel was going to make chips which were smaller and ran cooler and that certainly isn’t the case as Intel’s most current most powerful consumer-grade is the 9th gen 8 core I9 CPU which runs really hot and there is no way the MacBook pro’s current design can cool it

Coupled with that, Nvidia has made new graphics cards, GeForce RTX 2000 line graphics cards with ray tracing capabilities which offer significant performance boost over the graphics chips Apple is currently using, the Vega line up. 

The market is clamoring for these internals right now and if Apple doesn’t get them into their laptops they will be left out

Cooling these chips

Part of the reason the current MacBook design cant cool these chips is that the chassis is too small to effectively dissipate the heat. Innovative cooling systems can only get you so far but you actually need more cooling material to dissipate that much heat and that requires more space

The current laptops using these current chips like the Razer blade stealth 2019 comes with dimensions 355 x 235 x 17.8 mm (13.98″ x 9.25″ x 0.70″) which is significantly thicker than the current MacBook pros which come in at 349 x 240 x 15.5 mm (13.74″ x 9.45″ x 0.61″), more than 2mm thicker and this allows for proper cooling.

Knowing there is no chance Apple is going to design a product as thick as the Razor blade, Apple is trying to see if they can spread that thickness out on the length and width sides of the new design to achieve a thin and sleek laptop but still with increased space to house the cooling solution needed.
Apple seems to value the beauty of its products more than ease of use or comfort of use. Apple updated their keyboards to the new butterfly switches with reduced key travel to get a thinner keyboard. This keyboard redesign can also be reasoned as an attemt to make for space for the internal cooling system.

This new keyboard really actually compromises type speeds and comfort which so many people hate by the way

With all these points put forward, if Apple wants to increase the overall comfort of use of the macbook and still make it beautiful, it will have to be bigger and thicker.

Do you have another reason you think Apple wants to make a 16-inch MacBook? let us know in the comments below