Tesla upgrades Longest-Range electric Vehicle to achieve 370 miles of range

Tesla has made major improvements to its latest Model S and Model X cars that has increased the range of the EV by 10% beating their own record for the longest-range production EVs on the road. These upgrades have now made the Tesla capable of a maximum of 370 and 325 miles respectively all without increasing the car’s 100KWh batteries

The upgrades include optimizations on the drivetrain system. The latest generation of the drive unit technology combines an optimized permanent magnet synchronous reluctance motor, silicon carbide power electronics, and improved lubrication, cooling, bearings, and gear designs to achieve greater than 93% efficiency.

This drive unit also paires with an induction motor in the rear which further increases the range and performance of the Tesla through regenerative braking.

The upgrades puts the tesla well ahead of any other EV in the market interms of range and performance. Other EVs still struggle to reach the 300 mile EPA threshold. The 2019 Nissan Leaf has a maximum EPA range of 226 miles,

At the other end of the market, Tesla also announced that it’s bringing back the standard range versions of the Model S and X. The 285 mile Model S will cost $78,000, while the 250 mile Model X will be $83,000.

The new Model S and Model X cars will be able to charge more quickly from Tesla’s Superchargers. They’ll be able to draw 200kW from the company’s V3 charging stations, and 145kW from the V2.
Outside of the new drivetrain design, the new Model S and Model X cars are also equipped with a new air suspension system that Tesla says should feel softer while cruising and more responsive during “dynamic driving.” The company says it plans to continue upgrading the system with future software updates.

The new Tesla Model S and Model X are available starting today. If existing owners of either car want to buy one of the new models then Tesla will include the $20,000 Ludicrous Mode upgrade at no additional charge.