My experience using a 1 GB RAM phone in 2019

I have been using the desire 610 from HTC for the last two months as a transition phone after my LG G4 got bricked. I just needed something that I could install WhatsApp, Gmail to stay connected for the meantime.

The HTC Desire 610 was made in 2014, its 5 years old and that’s old when it comes to phones. You know its old when the power button is at the top. It’s about $95 on Amazon

Under the hood, the 610 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 (28 nm) processor supported by 1 GB RAM and 8 GB memory with only 4 GB available to you. It has a bezel stricken 4.7 inches IPS LCD display, ~60.4% screen-to-body ratio with 540 x 960 resolution, 16:9 ratio ~234 ppi density.

It’s almost inconceivable using a phone like this in 2019. It’s outright a challenge and not pleasant at all to use but its got its upsides believe it or not. Here is my experience with this phone, what I hate and also what I loved about the HTC Desire 610 in 2019.

Right off the bat, the one thing you look at the most when using this phone is the display. Coming from the LG G4, this phone’s display is shit. Images and videos are not crisp. YouTube can only play videos up to 480P. At this point, you only watch for the sake of information not entertainment. The display brightness is low. Outdoor viewing is especially bad. You basically can’t see anything in the sun. Another thing that bothered me when I started using the phone was these weird lines that go through on the display from right to left but I got used to it after a few days. The lines are from the touch screen layer which is visible at certain angles.

I have toned down the exposure so you can see the lines.

It does have a matte screen protector which limits glare and reflection. For those who love the iPhone SE, I applaud you because I found the size of the display a little bit too small for my liking, so much so that typing was a nightmare, especially with my big hands and fingers. Watching content was not great either. The bezels around the display was not a good look making the phone look really dated which it is.

The HTC Desire 610 does have an 8MP rear camera with flash which is capable of 1080p video @30fps but that’s just on paper. I understand that in 2014 phone cameras were generally not as good as today but its a camera I can’t bring my self to use in 2019. The whole time I used the phone it didn’t occur to me to take a picture. I felt like there was no need for a camera on the phone at all. I had to use a digital camera for taking photos and video.

The 4 GB of storage left to you is really small in 2019. it does have a micro SD card slot for expansion but I didn’t find that very convenient. I only installed the most essential apps I used every day

The performance of the HTC desire 620 was what made the phone such a terrible device to use in 2019. Of course, I knew what to expect going in for a 1GB ram phone with a Snapdragon 400 processor in 2019.

The lighter Android KitKat did make it a little better. the phone is somewhat responsive going in and out of the app drawer with smooth scrolls between cards, making calls and tweaking the settings. that is where the speed stops.

Launching third party apps really shows the 610 lack of power. App load times are frustratingly long especially apps like Chrome, Twitter, Instagram, etc. I had to install the lite app versions for those I could find to make the user experience more malleable.

The 610 phone has two performance scenarios. when and when it’s not connected to the internet. when not connected to the internet, apps like phone, contacts, messages would open reasonably quickly but when you connect to wifi, it basically stops working for like 10 minutes. Apps crash constantly because the phone’s resources are so low. Chrome takes anywhere from 3 to 5 mins to render a page. It kills background apps constantly.

I remember when I needed to download a pdf I urgently needed, it took me about 45 mins to search for it on google check out a couple of websites before finding the right one to download which would have taken 2 to 5 minutes on a phone like the s10

Other nit-picking things I hate about the phone was the fact that the power button is at the top which is super inconvenient, a small 2040mah battery with no fast charging,

There are some things I did love and enjoy about this phone though.

The stereo front-facing speakers is the best feature in the desire 610 as well as many other phones from HTC. it makes watching Youtube much more pleasant. They are loud and reasonably clear and front facing.

Though it has only a mere 2040mah battery, the battery life on this thing is awesome. It can last two full days with fair use. It’s such a relief because I don’t have to carry around a charger whenever I have to go out. Even if I have to be out for the whole day I still end the day with 30 to 45% battery left.

With that said it’s not something I would recommend. the HTC Desire 610 in 2019 is basically good for a burner phone and not for anything more, well maybe the calculator app. It’s been really challenging using it and I can’t wait to get something better.