Nike Fit uses AR to help you find the right fit for your sneakers

Nike fit. Photo credit: Engadget

Nike has turned to VR to improve and personalize customer buying experiences. The sportswear giant has now introduced Nike Fit, an augmented reality feature that uses a combination of computer vision, scientific data, artificial intelligence, and recommendation algorithms backed into the Nike smartphone app to scan your feet and find the right shoe fit for you (Via Engadget).

This innovation was motivated by industry research stats which Nike says, over 60 percent of people wear the wrong size shoes. With Nike Fit, the company is hoping to solve that problem.
The AR experience is fairly simple and straight forward. On the product page of the Nike app, there is a new option to measure your feet. From there, the camera takes over and recognizes your feet as you point the camera to it. It scans your feet and then tells you your ideal shoe size for Nike footwear.

The app gives you your shoe size along with more information about why, like “80 percent of people with similar feet to you purchased this size” or “This shoe runs slightly small.” Nike Fit will measure your feet to millimeter accuracy and saves that information in your Nike profile.

Nike is says based on previous testing, its quite confident on the technology, so much so that it plans to make it a core feature of its Nike app.

Nike says this should also make it easier for parents, since they can just measure their kids’ feet right at home, saving them a trip to the store and letting them easily place orders online. And parents can use Nike Fit every few months, as their kids’ feet grow in size.

You’ll have a chance to try Nike Fit for yourself in July when the company is expected to roll out these features to its app. At launch, it’ll be available in the US only, but Nike says it plans to bring it to Europe later this summer.