Samsung will remove the headphone jack and physical buttons on the Note 10

The headphone jack slaughter may be coming to the Galaxy Note 10 according to a new exclusive from Android Police. They were able to find out that the Galaxy Note 10 will not have any physical buttons and also Samsung is removing the headphone jack.
These physical keys for functions like volume and power will be replaced by touch or pressure sensitive or capacitive or areas. These leaks were previously rumored on Android Police but David Ruddock who is a managing editor at Android Police says he can “now provide stronger confirmation” about these leaks.
Samsung appears to be finally giving in to the industry trend of removing the headphone jack. Coming from Samsung, the alternatives to the aforementioned features may be just as good or even better but seeing that man is very resistant to change, these changes may not be well received. The changes could as well be a disaster sacrificing functionality and practicability. It’s also a bold move for Samsung to try this with its Note line of phones seeing that Samsung’s passionate following or core fans identify with this line. which has some of its core and devoted fans.
Samsung is likely to argue that the headphone jack slaughter makes more room for the battery and allows for more design flexibility while reducing the avenues for just or water to enter in but Samsungs most current flagship, the Galaxy S10 offers these same features and still gets an IP68 rating even with a headphone jack.
The Source Android Police spoke to confirms existing rumors about multiple models of the phone, with two sizes anticipated to be available – one larger, one smaller (though “small” is only by Note standards).
If history is any indicator, we can expect Samsung to announce this phone mid-summer, likely in August.