Apple is putting up a fight against spam calls with iOS 13

One of the many announcements Apple at uts WWDC 2019 developer conference pataining to iOS 13 is the new aproach they are taking in combating spam calls. iOS 13 will be able to natively and automatically silence and send to voicemail any calls coming in from an unknown number without the need for third party apps
Dubbed “silence unknown callers” feature in the soon to release iOS 13 can be toggled on or off based on peronal preference.
Apple says that iOS 13 will b able to “use Siri intelligence to allow calls to ring your phone from numbers in Contacts, Mail, and Messages.”, routing any number that can’t be found in one of those places to voicemail.
These spam calls wont even show up or ring before Siri can take the action. iOS 13 will atoumaticlly analise the number to determin if its spam or not befor it get a chance to pop up.
Unknown contacts which you have responded to in the mail and messages apps haven’t had a chance to create a contact for just yet won’t get rejected, so you won’t miss hearing from them.