Apple replaces iTunes with Apple Podcasts, TV, and Music Apps

iTunes is dead. Apple confirmed that at its WWDC 2019 annual developers conference where Apple announced that it’s breaking up App of ages into three separate apps for macOS. These apps include Podcasts, TV, and Music. The update will be featured in macOS 10.15.
The move to me is a sensible one as it allows for some pertinent things to happen – Apple Podcasts will now be featured on macOS devices – the phasing out of iTunes which doesn’t seem to be all that useful as different apps that now do what iTunes does if not better like apple music.
The new apps are made to showcase simplicity and intuitiveness in user experience featuring colorful sidebars and easy to navigate menus. The difference and matureness of the apps are clear when compared to the aged out iTunes. Apple Music is Apple’s music streaming platform which has already rooted itself deep in the Apple ecosystem dedicated to music. offering personalized recommendations while the Podcasts is dedicated to the podcast listening experience. Along with the podcast app, Apple says it’s introducing a new machine learning feature that indexes shows so that people can search for content more easily. The TV app will include Apple’s exclusive content along with other providers’ shows, including Showtime and HBO. It supports 4K HDR and Dolby Atmos audio.
This move is promptly in line with Apple’s new services vision it introduced a few weeks ago. Apple has turned to subscription-based services to supply the slow down of revenue gain as iPhone sales have slumped drastically this year. The TV app will host its new Apple TV Plus service which offers Apple’s exclusive content to users for a monthly fee.
Syncing will henceforth be done with the sidebar in Finder.