Snapchat has made battle royale game which you can play right now

Snapchat has made battle royale game called Tiny Royale which you can try it out now as its already out. The game developed by Zynga is a top-down shooter multiplayer Snap Game.
The concept of the game is as any battle royal game. Players face off and take out other players to become the last man or team standing on a rapidly shrinking battlefield to claim the prize. The game can host up to 30 players, who can team up in groups of up to four members. As you play and progress in the game, you pick up health packs, armor, and weapons, while unlocking new characters as you play.
The game as the name may imply brings a twit to the table. Each Tiny Royale match lasts only around two minutes, far shorter than the typical Fortnite or PUBG Mobile throwdown.
You can hop into games instantly from Snapchat’s messaging feature Chat, and you can strategize with your teammates through voice or text chat.
Later this summer, a competitive mode called Tiny Royale Leagues will arrive. It’ll place players in groups of 100 people spread over 20 tiers. Your aim is to rise through the ranks in “limited-time windows” (i.e. seasons), scooping up rewards and trophies along the way.