Discraft unveils robotic dishwasher for resturants

Dishcraft has revealed a robotic dishwasher for washing large volumes of plates in commercial kitchens. As customers finish their meal, they stack the plates on a special cart, which a restaurant staff will just roll it into the robot. The machines take over from there, flipping the plates upside-down and uses both cold water and a brush to wipe the surface clean within seconds. The machine is guided with AI-enabled cameras which then scan the plate to see if it need another scrub before they head to the dish rack.
As of now, companies can lease the robot and have installed in their kitchens or use n offsite service Dishcraft provides where plates can be sent to be washed off-site.
Though there are concerns that robots may eventually take up jobs people could have, its apparently not o in this domain. company chief Linda Pouliot noted that staff shortages are “only getting worse.” Robots like this might be necessary simply to ensure there are clean dishes in the first place, and any reduced labor costs might just come as part of the package.