Forget the Galaxy Fold, Samsung’s is making a new kind of smartphone

Samsungs plans with its new and innovative folding phone, the Samsung Galaxy Fold is not going as well as they hoped. Samsung has had to push shipping dates several times because of issues with the phone’s display.
Well, that has not discouraged them as the South Korean tech firm is working on a new concept for a smartphone.
Samsung has just patented a new phone design, Its a kind of a Galaxy fold cousin but with a completely different design approach altogether.
Color renders of the newly patented design, prepared by Dutch tech news site LetsGoDigital, showcase a smartphone with a display that can be pulled from either side to stretch out into a device the size of a tablet.
Samsung’s patent for the new concept design which shows a handset with a display that rolls up as well as out. the patent was published on June 11 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
The Patent, (which you can view here), shows a rolling mechanism which rolls up and unrolls the display as it is pulled outward to reveal a display almost three times as large, unfolded, as what you see when the handset is in its most compact form.
As envisioned in the patent documentation, the rolling mechanism is incorporated in extendable frame borders on the left and right-hand sides. A wide border at the top and bottom seems to house important components like the camera and receiver, as well as a motor for the rolling mechanism.
Logically, this concept design may turn out more successful than the Galaxy fold design. The folding action of the Galaxy Fold created the crease in the middle of the display as it is folded which created issues for the Galaxy Fold.
Rolling up the display seems less likely to cause a crease which could avoid the display from breaking