Samsung launches Bixby Marketplace in the US and South Korea

Samsung has launched a new Bixby service called Bixby Marketplace.  The South Korean tech firm’s Bixby Marketplace is only available in the US and South Korea as of now.  Users can browse and add a wide range of services (known as capsules) to enhance their Bixby experience.
From what I understand, its a store for widgets for the Bixby platform to extend its use and personalization capabilities.
The Marketplace offers Bixby apps and services, which Samsung is calling “capsules”. These include Google Maps, Spotify, iHeartRadio, NPR and Yelp.
The marketplace has features just like in the Google Play store include staff picks, user reviewers and categories to find the app you want.
Using the platform is fairly simple. Users access the Bixby Marketplace from the Bixby main page. Pressing the Bixby key and swipe left to get to the Bixby Marketplace.
Capsules are organized by categories such as Productivity, Business and Finance, Sports, Shopping, etc. You can also search items by capsule name, developer or keyword.

Samsung is promoting Bixby through its customization feature, where users can set a particular app as their preferred choice for certain voice requests. Samsung has cited an example of a use case for its Bixby platform on a blog post 
If you say, “Get me a ride to San Francisco airport”, you can choose a rideshare app to handle the request and that app will be used by default for ride requests in the future.
This is Samsungs attempt to make the Bixby assistant a preferred virtual assistant for users. Only time will tell