Tesla is raising the price of its autopilot feature by another $1,000

Elon Musk on twitter revealed Tesla will be raising the price of the “full self-driving” version of its Autopilot driver assistance system by around $1,000. The price rise will take effect starting August 16th.
The higher-tier package currently costs $6,000 if customers choose the option when buying a car, but Tesla charges $8,000 if they decide to upgrade after taking delivery.
These are raised prices which Tesla raised first on May 1st, adding $1,000 to its then $5,000 price tagged autonomous driving feature. Now, the company chief has revealed on Twitter that Tesla will add another $1,000 to the add-on’s price tag starting on August 16th.

Musk reached out on twitter as some sort of a warning or heads-up to interested customers which the move should motivate them to make a decision before August 16th. He also revealed that the company also expects to make Enhanced Summon widely available at around the same time.

While Tesla dubbs the package “full self-driving,” though it should be noted that Tesla’s cars still cannot operate autonomously. The “full self-driving” package doesn’t give its vehicles level 5 autonomy at this point in time. Musk has said the company will make that possible by the end of 2019.