Oculus co-founder Nate Mitchell leaves Facebook

Software architect Nate Mitchell, a co-founder of Oculus now owned by Facebook is leaving the company (via Engadget). He explains his leave only as a decision to “move on.” Mitchel did not say any plans for any positions he might be considering but planned to “recharge” and spend time with his family. He still vowed to be “part of this [VR] community” — he’ll just have a “much smaller role,” at least for now.
Nate Mitchel is the third from Oculus’ old crowdfunded days to leave the parent company.  Palmer Luckey left in 2017, while Brendan Iribe quit in 2018 over what’s believed to be disputes over the future direction for VR headsets. Michael Antonov is the only Oculus founder still with the Social media giant who is now a software architect for Facebook’s AI infrastructure team, not VR.
Not that Facebook is likely to worry about its direction going forward. The modern Oculus has expanded greatly since its acquisition and has shifted some of its focus from PC gaming to stand-alone headsets, social experiences, and video. Mitchell’s departure is more the formal end to an era than an immediate sign of trouble.