Pixel 4 astrophotography mode leaked

Google is doing somethingspecial with the next iteration of the Pixel phones. The Pixel 4 may break the preverbial glass celing of what a smartphone camera can do. The tech giant is taking to astrophotography with the new and upgrated multi cameras reported to be included in the phone. Pro Android put out an unlisted video on YouTube of a seemingly official marketing video of the upcomming smartphone showing a dedicated mode for taking photos of the night sky. Unfortunately, the ad provides few details about how the new functionality will work other than to promise you’ll be able to capture “even the stars.” Based on the “hold still” prompt shown in the video, the one detail we can glean is that you won’t need a tripod to use to take advantage of the feature.

Taking from the video, one could conclude that Google has made heavy improvements on its already first class camera and the underlying algorithm that powers the Pixel’s Night Sight functionality.
The video alo sugests that such photos can be taken handheld which will be hard to pull off without a tripod on other cameras. With astrophotography, it’s sometimes necessary to hold the shutter of a camera open for as much as 20 seconds. If the Pixel 4 can reduce handheld camera shake over such a long length of time, that’s a significant accomplishment on the part of Google’s software team. It’s also one of the few things, despite all the advancements in smartphone photography, that you haven’t been able to do with a phone camera. Huawei sub-brand Honor got close by allowing people to capture the moon with the company’s Honor 20 Pro smartphone.¬†This May also mean a significant stabilisation upgrade for video recording.