Download google pixel 4 stock wallpapers

The official event and release date for the Google Pixel 4 is October 15 but you can already get the pixel 4 wallpapers, thanks to its all too known reputation of the devices leaking way before they get released. And other apps have been released for it, for example, We now have the Google Pixel 4 Launcher, Camera, a new recorder app and also a new Pixel themes app.

Pixel 4 Stock Wallpapers

These are simply still images taken from the Live Wallpapers. We have about 21 Pixel 4 stock wallpapers made from the live wallpapers. So in case you don’t want live wallpapers or they’re not compatible with your phone, you can use the Pixel 4 stock wallpapers instead.
These wallpapers have varying resolutions ranging from 1080 pixels x 2160 pixels to 1080 pixels x 2280 pixels and all the way up to 1441 pixels x 3040 pixels. Some of these even have a resolution of 2000 pixels x 4097 pixels.

Download Pixel 4 Stock Wallpapers

We have packed all 20 Pixel 4 stock wallpapers in a single, easy-to-download zip file that you can download from the link below.