Gmail hooked us on free storage. Now Google is making us pay

One of the selling features of Google‘s platform is the free storage it offered when you sign up for a Google account. It seems that will not be the case in the coming months.
A report on The star analyses how the Alphabet Inc unit has whittled down some free storage offers in recent months while prodding more users toward a new paid cloud subscription service called Google One. Goggle One does not come at an excessive cost but at the scale, Google operates, this could generate billions of dollars in extra revenue each year for the company.
Google has also ended or limited other promotions recently that gave people free cloud storage and helped them avoid Gmail crises. New buyers of Chromebook laptops used to get 100GB at no charge for two years. In May 2019 that was cut to one year.
Google’s Pixel smartphone, originally launched in 2016, came with free, unlimited photo storage via the company’s Photos service. The latest Pixel 4 handset that came out in October still has free photo storage, but the images are compressed now, reducing the quality.
In May, Google unveiled Google One, a replacement for its Drive cloud storage service. There’s a free 15GB tier – enough room for about 5,000 photos, depending on the resolution. Then it costs US$1.99 a month for 100GB and up from there. This includes several types of files previously stashed in Google Drive, plus Gmail emails and photos and videos.