Spotify is giving Premium subscribers a free Google Home Mini: Here is how to get yours

Spotify is offering free Google Home Minis to its Spotify Premium subscribers, so if you are a premium subscriber, you are eligible to get one. The program runs from now through November 15th, or until supplies run out (via Business Insider).

Before you get too excited, note that the deal is for the previous generation of Google’s smallest smart speaker, not the newly released Nest Mini. I am sure it’s still a welcome bonus for many people since it’s free.

Here’s how you claim it

  1. First, visit this website. If you aren’t already a Spotify Premium subscriber, you’ll be prompted to sign up. If you are, just log into your Spotify account.
  2. Once you’re logged in, just click to select if you have an Individual or Family plan, and you’ll have “reserved” your Google Home Mini, assuming there are still supplies left and if you qualify for the offer. You’ll then get an email confirming your reservation.
  3. Once your reservation is ready which may take about 30 minutes, you’ll get another email. That email will link you to Google’s online store, where you can get your new Google Home Mini with a discount code applied to make it free.

some circumstances may rule you out of the promotion or make you ineligible even if you’re a premium subscriber as per Spotify’s terms and conditions

  • Users with free trials aren’t eligible, which means you can’t just sign up for a free Premium trial and snag a free Google Home Mini. Discounted Spotify Premium trials won’t work, either.
  • You’re also not eligible if you have a Premium Student plan.
  • If you got a free Google Home Mini last year through Spotify’s promotion for Premium Family plan account owners, it seems you won’t be able to get another through this promotion, as found by Business Insider.

But for many Spotify Premium users, this should be a pretty good deal. if you’ve already taken advantage of free Hulu as part of a Spotify Premium subscription, you should still be able to claim the free Google Home Mini.