How to watch Boeing's Starliner capsule launch abort test: countdown clock and world timings

Boeing is making a test launch of its CST-100 Starliner capsule which is aiming toward taking people to orbit. This launch takes the project one step closer to its goal. NASA and Boeing are streaming live coverage of the Starliner’s pad abort test on November 4th at 9 AM Eastern. Like similar tests, the New Mexico dry run will verify whether the vessel can safely jettison itself (and importantly, astronauts) away from its host rocket if there’s an emergency before liftoff. The four launch abort engines and control thrusters will lift the spacecraft roughly a mile above the ground and a mile north of the test platform. Here is a countdown timer to exactly when the launch is due to happen.

There’s a three-hour window in case weather or other complications delay the test. Don’t expect this particular vehicle to carry forward — it’s not poised to survive.
If all goes well, Starliner will join SpaceX’s Crew Dragon and other vehicles as part of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program, which aims to have American vehicles once more carrying American astronauts into space through cooperation with private spaceflight outfits. On top of boosting national pride, it would reduce dependence on Russia for those missions where cooperation isn’t necessary.