Samsung music comes to android

Samsung phones come with a pre-installed music player which was solely for samsung devices.That has now changed with the latest update to Samsung’s app. this update enables playback and control on your vehicle’s dashboard and brings support for Android 10.
Apart from supporting local music playback, it also integrates with Spotify, which lets you combine your personal library with the one from the streaming service.
However, on Android Auto, you had to resort to the dedicated Spotify app, as Samsung Music never worked with Google’s in-car software experience.
Once you’ve installed the update, Samsung Music should appear on your Android Auto home screen. If you’re using¬†the old Auto interface on your phone, you can choose the media player from the audio drop-down menu in the bottom bar. The app works just like any other on the platform, as well as playback control, you get rudimentary access to your library so you can search for songs, playlists, artists, or albums.
You can find samsung music on the playstore now.