Tesla has just confirmed its electric ATV called "CYBERQUAD"

In addition to the tesla cybertruck a lot of us were also amazed to see an all-electric ATV pack in at the back of the truck, with the same design aspects as the cybertruck so we were hoping and waiting for tesla to announce it, and they just did.
Dubbed the Cyberquad, Musk confirmed on Twitter today that the two-person ATV will be available “first” as an option for Cybertruck buyers. This means you can’t just walk up to tesla and order just the ATV,
We have no idea what the cost or the specs of this Cyberquad is but we have no doubt it’s going to be awesome.
Apart from this announcement, Elon also went ahead to talk about that little “armor glass” incident that occurred on stage and reiterated that the former testings didn’t damage it, and he posted a slow-motion video of lead designer Franz von Holzhausen’s previous attempt.