What Black Friday means for Amazon employees

Its black Friday and for us normal folks it means sweet deals on amazon and up to 70 per cent cuts if not more, but for Amazon employees, it means long hours, hard work and for some, difficult decisions.
A report from the BBC gathered comments from a group of Amazon employees about their job and the difficulties they are facing this festive period. Other than a handful of some of the group appear to enjoy their jobs with sometimes good news about promotions or bosses spontaneously buying them pizza, the comments paint a dark picture of the working conditions of Amazon employees.
One young woman working at an Amazon warehouse in the US describes driving hundreds of miles to drop her child with his father for the whole Christmas period. Her schedule means she cannot look after him. She posted a picture of herself and her child in their car on a Facebook group. Lots of people say they are worried about being fired.
A comment about the protest that just took place at one of Amazon warehouses states “They will take names and six months from now none of those people protesting will be working there any more.”
The report also highlights that the number of accidents like bone fracturing, concussions, falls and a collision with heavy equipment is on the rise, doubling over the past three years. A Freedom of Information request, sent to the UK’s Health and Safety Executive by the union and shared with the BBC, suggested that reports of serious incidents at the Manchester Airport site had doubled over the past three years, from 10 in 2016/17 to 22 in 2018/19.
Amazon dismissed the survey as “biased”, saying only a fraction of workers were questioned.