How to Watch Disney Plus on Apple TV

Disney+ just launched with a massive library of TV shows and movies. For anyone who wants to sign up for the service, we have put a detailed step by step breakdown of the signup process in this post. It’s quite simple to follow. As of now, the service is only supported in the US, Canada, and the Netherlands, which means you can’t watch outside of these countries. However, we have found a way for you to watch your favorite shows on Disney plus in unsupported countries. The service costs $6.99 a month, or $69.99 for an annual subscription. If you can’t afford that or you want to test the streaming service before you subscribe, we have got you covered. We have put together all the ways you can get Disney+ for free.
Here are all of the devices that you can watch Disney+ on, and there’s a high chance that you own at least one of these already:

If you own an Apple TV and you want to watch Disney+ on it, follow the detailed steps below on how to download Disney Plus and access the incredible selection of TV and movie entertainment.

How to Watch Disney Plus on Apple TV

  1.  Sign up for Disney+ service
  2. Boot up your Apple TV
  3. Launch the App Store
  4. Stay on the Featured tab and locate the Disney Plus app or
  5. Scroll to the Search tab and type in ‘Disney Plus’
  6. Click on the Disney Plus app icon
  7. Click Get
  8. Once downloaded, log in with your Disney Plus credentials (email and password)
  9. Browse to or search for what you want to watch
  10. Select the show/movie
  11. Select Play

It’s as easy as that! Now you’re ready to enjoy your favorite Disney movies and TV series right on your Apple TV.

Disney+ features available on Apple TV

The Disney Plus App will support unlimited downloads on your mobile devices, four simultaneous streamers, up to 7 profiles, 4K streaming, and includes hundreds of avatars.
The first year will include 25 new original series, 10+ movies, 7,500 past episodes, 100 recent movies, and 400 library titles including the entire Disney Vault. The company announced 6 original shows and movies that will be available at launch, including the $100 million 8-episode Star Wars spin-off, The Mandalorian which was directed by Jon Favreau.

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