Uber safety report: 3,045 sexual assaults and nine murders in the US last year

Uber’s first safety report shows how bad the company is with regard to safety. The comprehensive report about its rides in the US for the year 2018 and part of 2017 discloses that 3,045 sexual assaults occurred during Uber trips last year. Additionally, Uber says nine people were murdered during Uber rides and 58 people died in auto-related crashes. It is the first time the company is publishing such its report about its safety.

Uber provided 3.1 million trips to users per day on its platform during the period between 2017 and the end of 2018 amounting to 1.3 billion trips in total in the US last year. The report discloses 36,000 auto-related deaths in 2018 and 20,000 homicides in 2017.

Of the 3,045 reported sexual assault cases in 2018 (up from 2,936 in 2017), Uber says 235 were rapes and the remainder were varying levels of assault majority involved unwanted kissing or groping

However, those numbers may be far higher in reality, given sexual assault often goes unreported.