How to set windows explorer start page to This PC instead of Quick Access

From our keyboard shortcuts to use on windows, one of the short cuts I use most frequently is the Win + E to open windows explorer.
On default settings, windows explorer opens to the quick access page which shows you frequently or recently used folders and files which I usually don’t find particularly useful.
I prefer the This PC page as it shows me my drives and I just go in to retrieve what I want
there is a way to change the default windows explorer start age from quick access to This PC. Here is how to do it

1. Press the WIN + E combination to open windows explorer see more windows keyboard shortcuts here
2. On the left bar of the windows explorer window, right-click on the “quick access” menu which should be the first from the top
3 On its context menu. Click on “options” to open a new window called “folder Option”

4. On the “general tab” of the Folder Options menu, click on the “open file explorer to” dropdown menu
5. select “This PC” option
6 click on “Apply” and then “OK” to save the setting
This will then bring up the drives page when you open windows explorer
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