how to Freeze unused Chrome tabs so they stop sucking your system resources

Chrome is notorious for being such a system resources intensive application. Google’s new chrome update, Chrome 79 brings a feature that freezes tabs so they stop sucking system resources.
The fun new “tab freezing” feature in Chrome 79 will help prevent your browser’s overflowing tabs from running background actions and eating up your CPU.
We are still waiting on Google to make chrome better manage system memory so be diligent about how many tabs you really need to keep in your browser. This automatic “freezing”— kicks in after five minutes of inactivity on a tab. You have to turn it on for the feature to work. Here is how to do it

how to enable Chrome Tab freeze feature

  1. Open chrome
  2. Open a new tab
  3. Type in chrome://flags in the address bar exactly
  4. Search for “Tab Freeze.” in the search bar on the chrome flags page
  5. Click on the button that says “Default”
  6.  You’ll then see a number of options in the drop-down menu:

    • Enabled
    • Enabled Freeze – No Unfreeze
    • Enabled Freeze – Unfreeze 10 seconds every 15 minutes
    • Disabledhow to enable Chrome Tab freeze feature
  7. Enabled would do just fine but if you want your browser to temporarily “warm up” sites at a regular interval, try the third option.
  8. Restart your browser.

Boom! you’ve done it.