Samsungs new Foldable phone idea is similar to Razr's

Shortly before Motorola revived the RAZR, Samsung made it loud and clear that it was also working on a clamshell foldable phone, but no one could expect it could be this similar to Razr’s, although it’s similar, it still maintains some features to let us now its a Samsung device.

We don’t yet have detailed info on the specs of this device but from the leaks, we can notice quite a few things about this new design like the punch-hole camera right below the earpiece.
The lack of chin allows the unfolded screen to extend all the way to the bottom. This leak also reveals a couple of new features on Samsung’s next foldable. The similarities with these two clamshell foldable devices(Razr’s and Samsung’s) includes an outer notification screen but in a much smaller serving.

Other features include a pair of rear cameras (the RAZR only has one) plus an LED flashlight. There’s a volume rocker along the top right side of the phone, followed by what’s likely a fingerprint reader. It’s unclear whether this clamshell has inherited the Galaxy Fold’s dedicated power button, though. We’d also like to get a closer look at this hinge design — it appears more rounded than what the Razr packs.
So some few thoughts cross my mind as I write this post, is Samsung planning on killing its former foldable smartphone idea?, do they feel like they bit more than they could chew with this former foldable design?, and do they think this new design will be more welcoming by the society as Razr’s was? we’ll have to stay tuned to find out more